Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Alternative procedure for dispute resolution are widely used worldwide. In the European Union prevail opinion that providing the rule of law and better access to justice must include access to judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution, among which, the most favourable, efficient and dynamic way is mediation.

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution with involvement of a third neutral, impartial, not interested in the dispute/conflict party — mediator, who provides a productive dialogue within the framework of mediation procedures to help the parties themselves to find a favorable and beneficial for them decision to settle the disputes.

Officium carrying mediation in the following areas:

  • cross-border disputes,
  • international trade,
  • disputes between owners/partners of the business,
  • family relationships,
  • labour legal relationship,
  • tax and customs legal relationship,
  • industrial disputes,
  • disputes in the sphere of construction and development,
  • disputes in the sphere of medicine and pharmacy.

All professionals practicing mediation in AO (joint-stock company) Officium are highly professional mediators who have received appropriate trainings and certifications on international and national standards of the countries in which they are practicing.

Mediators, depending on the specialization, have professional knowledge in different sphere of law, business, psychology, different branches of industry, medicine and pharmacy, IT, construction that helps competently carry out the mediation procedure in different spheres and provides an opportunity to develop appropriate, from the point of view of legal and industry standards, variants for disputes resolving.

Being an international mediator with practice in different countries, I believe that mediation is truly a unique dispute settlement procedure aimed at the future, not the past. Procedure which shows that as a result of the resolution of the dispute there are no losers, showing the equality of interests of each party. A procedure aimed at cooperation of the parties in the future. Thus, I want to note that mediation is a tool for expanding the opportunities that legal systems provide throughout the world.

partner of the Attorneys union Officium,
the international mediator of Ukraine, Germany, Belarus.