Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution with participation of a third neutral, impartial, non-interested party – the mediator who provides a productive dialogue within the mediation procedure, thereby helping the parties themselves to find a favorable and mutually beneficial solution to resolve the dispute.

We specialize in conducting mediation in the following areas:

  • cross-border disputes;
  • international trade;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes in the field of investment, construction and real estate;
  • family legal relations;
  • labour relations;
  • industrial disputes;
  • disputes in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

Officium mediators are highly qualified specialists, certified by the competent authorities according to the international and national standards.

Our clients have repeatedly had the opportunity to see that mediation is a truly unique dispute resolution procedure aimed at the future, not the past; a procedure that shows that there should be no losing or defeated parties; a procedure aimed at restoring and deepening the dialogue on the possibilities of cooperation between the parties in the future.

Mediation is a tool for expanding the opportunities provided by legal systems around the world.