Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

Our company provides customers with the following services in this industry:

1.Registration of intellectual property rights: trademarks and copyrights.

Methods of trademark registration:

  • national registration – regulated by the legislation of a particular country;
  • regional registrations – operate on the territory of several countries at the same time, for example: the European Union (European Union Trademark); Benelux (Benelux Trademark); the African Regional Association of Intellectual Property (ARIPO Trademark); the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI Trademark);
  • international registration – Madrid procedure. It is implemented by applying to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

2. Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial designs.

3. Protection of intellectual property rights in pre-trial, judicial proceedings, in state and law enforcement agencies.

4. Provision of advice on intellectual property rights, development of strategies, preparation of contracts for the creation and protection of intellectual property rights.

5. Protection of domain name rights:

  • support of domain name purchase and sale transactions;
  • assistance in domain name registration;
  • domain disputes.