Company registration in Slovakia

At first glance, Slovakia seems like a small country to start a business, but there are advantages suitable for registering a company in different formats:

• territorially the company can cooperate with all EU countries, which means 500 million solvent consumers;

• convenient geographical location;

• transparent tax system;

• easy doing business;

• founders can be citizens of countries outside the EU, without restrictions;

• head (director) – can be both an EU citizen and a person with a residence permit (residence permit) in Slovakia, which makes this country attractive for obtaining a residence permit by entrepreneurs and their families.

What does it give you?

Business in the European Union is an opportunity for a quick start and a significant increase in profits in the first year of operation. In addition, the territorial coverage of the audience for its product is increasing throughout the EU. As a result, you get 500 million potential consumers for your product or service.

What do we offer?

Due to numerous requests for business relocation to Slovakia, the specialists of AU “Officium” offer services for registering a company in Slovakia and legal support for companies on a turnkey basis.

Business registration in Slovakia includes:

1. Consultation on the subject of the choice of activities.

2. Registration of a company in the form of LLC or s.r.o.

3. Submission of documents to the institution for registration of activities

4. Translations for foreign documents.

5. Submission of documents to the registration authorities.

6. Payment of required fees.

7. Obtaining a certificate of the company’s activities.

8. Obtaining documents on company registration.

9. Support when opening a bank account.

10. Registering a company with a tax authority and obtaining a tax number.

11. Legal address for a year.


1. Certificate of no criminal record.

2. Statutory fund of 5000 euros (contributed to the company’s account, where it remains).

3. Administrative fees and registration of special activities.

Please note that the founders of a company in Slovakia can be persons without a residence permit (residence permit), but the director can be a person who has a residence permit in Slovakia or citizenship in the EU. That is, you need a director, at the time of obtaining your residence permit, for a period of 3 to 5 months. (Additionally, we offer support in resolving this issue.)

Upon completion of the company registration procedure:

• the company can fully operate from the first day;

• and we can offer subsequent legal, accounting, consulting and administrative support at reasonable prices for services.

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