Tax law and international tax planning

No matter whether you are taking the initial steps on your business path or are already receiving a stable profit from your activities, the issue of tax planning, choice of the best opportunities and tools for an effective business conduct is very important.

To ensure the taxes not to overburden your business or you personally, and at this are paid so flawlessly under the law that in future there will be no problems with tax authorities, the specialists of our practice Tax law and international tax planning work.

The specialists of our company have a vast experience in the field of tax planning including transfer pricing. We help in the development of corporate structures with the participation of European companies and companies from other jurisdictions in order to take advantage of the tax regimes of European and other countries for IT companies, wholesale and online trade companies, companies specializing in service delivery.

Having an extensive experience in communication with tax and customs authorities, working with auditors, accountants and tax advisors from different countries, we offer the following types of services in this field:

  • obtaining orders from tax authorities regarding specific transactions/tax status of the company and other disputable matters (tax ruling)
  • presentation a client’s interests in case of disputes with tax authorities
  • control over issues of timeliness and completeness of tax reporting of companies’ activities
  • support in the process of tax audits.

We will help you in the proper conduct of your company’s operating activity.