Attorneys union Officium

Attorneys union Officium with offices in Kiev and Bratislava created
by specialists, who have huge experience handling complex international projects and the providing a legal assistance for businessmens in Ukraine and in the EU.

The union is focused on providing not only legal consultations, but also business decisions in key areas of our specialization: medicine and pharmaceuticals, IT, international trade, nvestment, IPO, ICO, relocation of business and entering new markets.

Attorneys in Officium have huge experience in providing legal suport for interests of wealthy clients and their families, including services in the several area, such as family, inheritance and migration law, capital management, international tax planning and structuring.

Among our clients – both large international companies and medium or small businesses, start-ups looking for opportunities for developing their business.

A highly qualified team of Officium strictly follows the best European
standards of legal services, highly worryies about privacy, and high reputation of trusted advisor for the provision of individual and innovative solutions to the most complex legal issues faced by our clients.