International and EU law

Globalization of the world economy has meant that commercial relations with companies from other jurisdictions are an integral part of the daily activities of not only large companies but also of medium, small and even micro.

An international team of Officium provides services in various areas of public and private international law, as well as the EU’s rights, including services for international business structuring and tax planning, comprehensive support of cross-border projects.

Our service includes:

  • registration of companies and structuring of holding companies;
  • opening of bank accounts in European banks;
  • tax structuring;
  • legal assistance when signing contracts and other transactions with foreign partners;
  • structuring of agreements with European companies working according to EU law;
  • training and legal support of investment projects;
  • acquisition of real estate in the territory of the EU;
  • support judicial and arbitration disputes, recognition and enforcement of judgments in the EU;
  • provision of other services to resolve issues related to private international law.